Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, Yes, Yes He Is Correct

Cornell West is absolutely right.  I am not feeling all happy & triumphant about this, believe me.  President Obama had an historic opportunity & just decided that he was a ReThuglican & not a Democrat.  This is disastrous for America, but the Koch-head Bros. just  love them some President Obama, you betcha.

It is absurd to call President Barack Obama a “socialist” when he is “very much an extension of the corporate state that has been squeezing out the juices of our democracy,” according to Princeton professor and famed black intellectual Cornel West.
West, who had been a supporter of Obama, called the president “another black mascot” of “Wall Street oligarchs” on an MSNBC panel in April. He stood by and clarified by those remarks Wednesday on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.
“I supported by dear brother Barack Obama because I wanted to bring an end to the age of Reagan, greed running amok, indifference to poor people, and highly polarized body politic,” he said. “When he moves into office, who do we get? We get his economic team coming right out of Wall Street.”

My emphases.

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