Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sam Allardyce - My New Man Crush

He blames Thatcher for the decline in child health & in a child's physical & mental ability to play football (soccer to us). I love this guy & he has facts to back him up.
In a scathing attack in The Sun newspaper Saturday, Allardyce said: "Since Margaret Thatcher stopped teachers being paid extra money for coaching sports after school, all sporting activities have diminished on a competitive basis.
 "It has not just undermined our game, it has undermined many sports in this country and created an unhealthy child. Thatcher killed football, there is no doubt about it."
A recent report stated that one in three children in Britain are obese or overweight and that 32 per cent of children play less than an hour of sport a week.
In the last 20 years, around 5,000 school playing fields have been sold off or built over as England's men's national team have continually floundered in attempts to repeat their 1966 World Cup triumph.

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