Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm For Making It Easy

To be NORML. I'm also for oversight & quality control. This nation has long had a real issue with scolding & a prudish insistence with making anything enjoyable, even sex, illegal. Times have changed.
Initiative backers said their plan would send 90 percent of the proceeds from the state's sale of marijuana to Oregon's General Fund, which could lower Oregonians' state tax burden

& who among us isn't for lower taxes. Well, I'm not a big fan of lower taxes, particularly when it means that the potholes on the street with the coffee shop go unfilled for another year, or the snow plow crews don't have the money to plow the damn snow. So I am an anomaly, since I prefer being taxed to being sent, against my will, to a chiropractor. Nothing against chiropractors, but you know what I mean. Via The Raw Story.

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Anonymous said...

I think Mr Creek is missing the point here - These tax reducers don't want to reduce their government services, they just don't want to pay for them - they are freeloaders.

coldH2O said...

I'm glad that I have you to point out where I do miss the point. You're correct, of course, they are freeloaders. I'd like to excuse my error by making some remark about smoking certain non-taxable substances, but that wouldn't be right, since I am a grandfather, you know.

Anonymous said...

You just demonstrated why this is my favorite blog - the blogster is polite.