Monday, July 07, 2008

FISA - A Bad Bill Deserves Defeat

Sen. Kohl's email is here. Here are his phone/fax numbers.
202-224-5653 - Office
202-224-9787 - Fax

Sen. Feingold's email is here. Here are his phone/fax numbers.
202-224-5323 - Office
202-224-2725 - Fax

For those of my loyal four readers who are confused by the new FISA bill, go here for a great analysis Yes, it's our boy, Wisco's Sen. Feingold, but he is right on in this piece. If we, as a country, are going to continue this freedom ride, Bu$hCo & the telecommunication corporations that acquiesced to Bu$hCo's illegal demands to cooperate in spying on American citizens, then we must defeat this bill. Sen. Feingold is out front on this bill, Sen. Kohl, not so much. Please, email, call, fax Sen. Kohl. Maybe he will rediscover his Democratic roots & do the right thing. Who knows? Thanks in advance.
The FISA deal announced on June 19 effectively grants retroactive immunity to companies that allegedly participated in the President’s illegal wiretapping program, and it does not provide adequate protections for innocent Americans. Title I of the new bill, which includes a dramatic expansion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, does not include the most significant safeguards approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and it does not include any of the amendments that Senator Feingold offered on the Senate floor earlier this year, each of which received 35 or more Democratic votes. These safeguards would have permitted the government to obtain the intelligence information it needs while also protecting the privacy of law-abiding Americans.

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