Thursday, July 10, 2008

Corrupt Gableman Update

One Wisco Now is still trying to get someone to do the right thing concerning the completely corrupt Wisco Supreme Court Justice-elect Gableman. They have now filed a complaint with the Office of Lawyer Regulation. So far, the present Ashland Co. DA, Sean Duffy refused to investigate, guess which party he belongs to? J.B. Van Hollen, the Wisco Attorney General, the one who is afraid to attend the ReThug convention in St. Paul, MN, without armed body guards, refused to investigate. Yep, ReThug as well. Let's hope this complaint to the OLR finally results in some accountability. One Wisco Now put together this excellent chart to show the alleged criminal acts committed by Gableman.


Anonymous said...

What has JB Van Hollen been doing that he needs bodyguards to go to Minnesota?

Anonymous said...

Heard he may be a bagman for WMC.