Monday, March 05, 2007

Just Completely Nuts

The shame of Wisco shows why it is the shame of Wisco. This is the kind of argument that the right-wing uses all the time. The worst is that these guys are no longer out of the mainstream of ReThuglican thought. Maybe it's time to resurrect that old-time religion & get drunk & dance on Joe McCarthy's grave one more time. What's also interesting is that if we follow the link, we find out that the "former Canadian defense minister" claimed to have seen an UFO a couple of years ago & that he is now 83 years old. He served as defense minister in 1973. That would be 34 years ago. Here's a tidbit that the Birchers didn't notice:

His views were too right wing for most delegates, and alienated many Tories with a speech attacking Red Tories as not being "true conservatives"

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Craig Lowery said...

So what is your point? McCarthy was right, and the Communists infiltrated the highest levels of government and industry to lay the foundation for the hijacking of our nation by the Neocons (Or "ReThuglicans" as you prefer to call them.) And the Democratic leadership is no different. This whole left vs. right paradigm is a dog and pony show designed to divide and conquer. The true picture is this: all the way on the left you have total government control (Fascism, socialism, Nazism, Neocons, the NWO) and all the way on the right you have total anarchy,lack of control. A little to the left of anarchy you have the rule of law in a constitutional republic, which gives the maximum amount of freedom. Democracy is the tyranny of the 51%, with no individual rights or freedom. Our government has been hijacked by the military industrial complex (with "Neocons" in the drivers' seat) and now it doesn't even matter which party you vote for. "Democracy" is the slop used to lure fools into sticking their snouts into big government's hog trough. You rant on and on about "right wing nut jobs while leftists and Democrats do nothing to stop the insanity.
It's time to wake up and smell the stench of Lady Liberty's rotting corpse.

coldH2O said...

Craig, Craig, Craig, McCarthy was never right, no matter how much you believe that harpy Coulter. It's too easy, by the way, to just fling crap at both sides. I appreciate everything that the progressive Democrats have done over the years - including, but not limited to - unemployment compensation, Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, the civil service system, free public education (although with the ReThugs in power mostly for the last 27 years, we see the increase in "fund raisers" on the local level & I, for one, am sick of candy bars, magazines & Tupperware), the GI bill, etc, etc, etc. Where are the great social policy success of the right wing? As they say on some blogs - crickets.

Craig Lowery said...

Coulter may be a "harpie", but in the context of this discussion, she's a red herring linked to a straw man argument.
I'm talking about documented history,
The History of Treason in America, available on Google video here:
or you can listen to the 3-part audio track here:
Just click "next" when part 1 finishes, or use the link to go to the video.
The social programs you mentioned are all ways of taxing working people while benefiting corporations.I detest ALL forms of socialism.
To me, "social policy success" would be dismantling the hog trough and going back to before the Federal Reserve system was created in 1913. Then we would have real prosperity and real freedom. And we wouldn't need any damnable "social programs".

Craig Lowery said...

I should add that if you study this history, you will find that the subversive "useful idiots" (in this context, communists) who helped to destroy our once great nation are the scum of the earth. The more intelligent and "promising" ones were selected to become "moles" in order to get into the highest levels of government and corporate influence.
Learn from history. Things are not what they appear. There is nothing conservative about the Neocons, and the elite Libs and Lefties are just as much in bed with Big Business and Big Brother as the "ReThugs" you (rightly) rail against. They are as much a part of the control grid as the CIA, FDA, Homeland Security, Social Security, public schools and Workmen's Comp. We have been robbed of our wealth and our liberty at every turn, partly because we often are tempted to believe (and are dumb enough to believe) we really can or "should" get something for nothing.