Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Mean, Really

There are days when I wish I didn't know how to read. I have no doubt that Bu$hCo is the stupidest fucking man in the world, with apologies to Douglas Feith. & all men who are fucking in the world right now. But his comment to the President of Brazil is just, just,... noise of head banging on arm of recliner.

During a conversation between the two presidents, George W. Bush, 55, (USA) and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 71, (Brazil), Bush bewildered his colleague with the question "Do you have blacks, too?"

Makes a American really proud. How did this happen?

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Craig Lowery said...

The bimbo valley girl National Security Adviser (Condi Rice)had it dead wrong too, by a factor of 3x.
The US has more than 3x as many blacks as Brazil.
"Rice, 47, noticing how astonished the Brazilian was, saved the day by telling Bush "Mr. President, Brazil probably has more blacks than the USA. Some say it's the Country with the most blacks outside Africa." Later, the Brazilian president Cardoso said: regarding Latin America, Bush was still in his "learning phase".
It seems that NONE of these politicians or JOURNALISTS check their facts.
Brazil has about 10 million, while the US has over 30 million.
So maybe Bush isn't as dumb as Rice. Why did she get a pass? Is it politically incorrect to call a black woman stupid? Yup, Rice "saved the day."