Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Core Values

Monica Goodling, the Bu$hCo Justice Department employee, now on an extended leave of absence, graduated from Messiah College. Messiah College is affiliated to the Brethern In Christ Church. Here is one of the ten core principals of that faith:

Pursuing Peace
We value all human life and promote forgiveness,understanding, reconciliation, and non-violent resolution of conflict.

Siguiendo la Paz
Valoramos la vida humana y promovemos el perdón, el entendimiento, la reconciliación, y la resolución no violenta a los conflictos.

It is also true that Goodling went to Pat Robertson's fake-a-roony Regent University Law School. One of the highlights of attending Regent is the prospect of licking ice cream with boneheaded, I'll-charge-anyone-with-terrorism-quit-&-let-others-clean-up-the-mess John Ashcroft. Ice cream with a guy that can't sing & who insisted on covering up the breasts of a female statue at the Justice Department. Now I don't know Ms. Goodling's faith of choice, but I find it hard to reconcile a core belief in non-violence, with a Justice Department's support of torture. So much for core beliefs. I guess it's not torture if Bu$hCo says it's not torture, however, I thought god was the final arbiter of that, I guess I'm wrong again, just as I was wrong about thinking that supporting a bill in Congress that allows Bu$hCo to continue to kill people for two years is actually a bill for peace, not a bill for dead people. My mistake.


Craig Lowery said...

Robertson is a fake, who is not a real conservative. He is a mole, whose activities are in line with just what the Rockefellers would approve (remember, they set up the NCC to ruin Christianity through liberalizing "Christian" schools and seminaries) to discredit and disempower real fundamental Christianity. Robertson's book on the NWO was ghost written by a fag, and Robertson is up to his eyeballs in masonic connections. He's a fruitcake. Messiah College, from what I have observed, is not conservative. It just maintains the "veneer". For a "real" conservative Christian school, I'd recommend Hyles-Anderson. They don't just "talk the talk".
Ashcroft is a Neocon, not a conservative. I find it assinine that he covered the breasts of a pagan goddess, but had no problem with the use of occult pagan statuary. That's like putting a gold ring in a swine's snout and then declaring it "sanctified and holy". Just the kind of fruitcake that Satan likes to parade in front of the world as representing "christianity".
Robertson isn't wrong about everything... just enough to make him really useful to Satan. Ditto for Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and all the rest of the "TV" crowd. They have been elevated to their positions for a reason. Our "controllers" have a long and effective history of infiltrating organizations (remember the Black Panthers?) in order to pervert them and render them ineffectual.

Anonymous said...

I have to admire the Republican foresight in building so many new prisons in the 80s and 90s. At the time, I thought they were excessive but now I see how insightful they were. Maybe they had some inside information. I also hope they built some Christian prisons.

Craig Lowery said...

Yes, the Republicans built the Police State. And I won't be surprised if some of the fake TV "christians" wind up in these prisons. Many of the prisons built by Haliburton and staffed by Wackenhutt are privately owned and operated slave labor and forced prostitution BUSINESSES right now. When the economy collapses, the new unoccupied prisons will be stuffed to overflowing with all the people who are unable to make their mortgage and/or credit card payments, plus anyone and everyone unwilling to worship the government as "god". They are SLAVE LABOR camps. Your standing in the NWO will be determined largely by your level of debt. If you can't pay your debts (there won't BE any money: it'll be like the Great Depression) and refuse to worship the Beast and take the mark in your right hand or forehead, you will go to "debtors' prison" or die. IBM will give you a number just like in Hitler's "day".That's the Bu$hCo Plan. See Rev. 14:9-11 for God's response, and this link for God's Plan: