Sunday, February 25, 2007

This Is What The Face Of Fascism Looks Like

The NRA. & it is also how fascism works, you step out of line & the man come & take you away.

The NRA keeps pounding the drums for assault rifles, while wildlife habitat dwindles, while public access dwindles. We really need to take these fools on face to face. They spend millions to destroy good honest people, while they do nothing for the average hunter. They ought to be, but are not, ashamed. They are happy at what they did to Jim Zumbo. I wouldn't want the NRA backing me up, it goes without saying.


Anonymous said...

Question: Has the 'government' ever confiscated guns?
Answer: Yes!

Question: When and who?
Answer: In New Orleans during Katrina by Blackwater Operatives.

Question: Who hired them.
Answer: The Republican Homeland Security Department.

coldH2O said...

I'm not sure what point you are trying to make? The point of the post is that the NRA is a fascist organization who cares more about assault weapons than about wildlife habitat, more about electing right wing morons than people who actually give a shit about the average person. What Jim Zumbo said on his blog was perfectly correct, assault weapons are the weapons of terrorists. I won't be buying Outdoor Life anytime soon, nor will I be purchasing any Remington products for the forseeable future. I'll just keep reloading my old shells.

Anonymous said...

A simple point. The NRA says the LIBERALs want to take your guns away.

See post above. IT's not the liberals taking the guns away.

The point is no more and no less than that.

P.S. I'm on your side.