Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not So Sweet

Y'all ought to think twice about buying any Hershey products for awhile.
“We just don’t accept the fact that the company is going to throw people out in the street without justification,” said , Hemi Mitic assistant to Canadian Auto Workers president Buzz Hargrove.

“It is just free enterprise at its worst,” said Mr. Mitic.

Amen to that, brother. Yes, he is a brother, I looked up Hemi & it is a man's name. Although here in the states, we refer to it as an engine in a Chrysler product. This is a pic of Hemi:


Craig Lowery said...

No, this is not "free enterprise" in any sense of the term. This is globalist enterprise, the "sophisticated" bastard offspring of eighteenth century British mercantilism, with a few newer and more lethal twists. Instead of merely mining resources and using armies to prevent the rightful owners from manufacturing finished products, now they are using the economies of nations they control to deindustrialize the West, with the goal of doing away with ALL FREE ENTERPRISE.

coldH2O said...

Speaking of overstatement. Free enterprise is an anathema to a just society.