Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Orleans

UPDATE: THIS is the link The SideKick sent me. The post linked to below is still worth a read, since it responds to the link he sent. I apologize for any confusion. & all the link talk. & if you don't like it, link this. Don't cross me today, the Packers are down 24-zip & it's still the first half.

The SideKick sent me this link from First Draft. He's right, I'm not happy. Then there's post from My DD. Bu$hCo's abandonment of New Orleans, & our inability to force the issue, is a cause for shame. More than a year later & less than half of the pre-Katrina population has returned. I'm not even sure that had Bu$hCo not chosen to go to war with Iraq, he would be doing anything different about the Gulf Coast. He would just be regaling his old enablers with stories of being drunk in the Quarter. What a vicious, little man.

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