Friday, December 29, 2006

Hung Saddam

No, not like a horse, so get your minds out of the gutter. Josh Marshall talks about the state murder of Saddam Hussein. I must say that Saddam is (was?) an evil bastard. Yes, he did many awful things. There, now you know that I think Saddam was a bad man. But none of that justifies what we, the U.S. of A., under Bu$hCo, has done concerning his capture & trial. The trial itself was a sham, no one can really deny that. Because of Bu$hCo's incredible vanity, Saddam was held in U.S. custody while he was tried by Iraqi courts. Explain that to me. He should have been tried for crimes against humanity in the Hague, at the World Court. Only Bu$hCo doesn't like that court, it's too oriented towards, yes, wait for it, justice. By the U.S. keeping the keys to Saddam's cell, & then having him judged by the chirping parakeets in Iraq, the U.S. admitted that the trial was more about kangaroos & less about blind justice. This conviction (& I agree that Saddam was guilty of crimes against humanity) is so tainted that I doubt it will ever be recognized as a result of court system that was free of U.S. coercion. &, of course, killing Saddam will change nothing. It will only show the world that the U.S. condones murder, in any form. That is too bad for the world. I agree with Josh Marshall, Saddam's execution is a sign of U.S. weakness, not strength. It will go down with all the other failures in Iraq, including that miserable failure, George W. Bu$hCo.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if, say, Iran were to send a military unit to this country to capture George W Bush after his term as President, using the Bush Doctrine as its justification, for crimes committed in the mideast. Would I, under the Bush Doctrine and as a citizen of the USA, be obligated to defend George W Bush or to assist Iran in capturing him?

Anonymous said...

Well, I sure feel safer, don't you?

Scott said...

There was a very practical and profoundly evil administration goal served here. Saddam can no longer be the most credible witness in the world against his arms dealers.

Much like any corrupt local government dealing with cocaine dealers and their money. Silence the witnesses, those lowly users, and the big dealers with their deep pockets get off scot-free. An easy and accurate analogy, given how Cheney and Rumsfeld are only a couple of our guys who were the suppliers and architects behind Saddam's undeniable crimes against humanity.