Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Appleton Or Four Other Great Wisco Cities


& Here's the Daily Kos map & list of all the places my Loyal Five (Yes, 5!) readers can go & do the American Things, The Right Thing. 

 Now, here is some advice, not that you've asked for it, but I'm giving it anyway.

The Packers play at noon on Sunday, so that leaves the morning & late afternoon & evening to do some OCCUPYING. Or all day if you have a transistor radio (remember these, guys?) or most likely a smart phone. 

The Badgers play play Indiana at 11:00 CDT so see above about listening & if your are with your boyfriend make sure there are two smart phones or a transistor radio & a smart phone, then you shouldn't have any trouble picking up a station, or a new boyfriend for that matter. 

I believe there is another team of the professional sports variety that may a game sometime during the weekend but it won't start until 3:05 CDT on Sunday or later depending on much money the stinking corporations want to make, or some other reason that involves money. Since I don't like baseball, although I have blogged it before (after the fact), you'll need to find your own schedule, etc. Hell, people, I've given you the time, what else to you want? 

If you've got a street, artery, avenue, back alley, boulevard, byway, court, dead end, drag, drive, highway, lane, parkway, passage, pavement, place, road, roadway, route, row, stroll, terrace, thoroughfare, track, trail, turf, way named WALL in your community (you could, I suppose, temporarily name some stretch of two-track WALL) you could plan your own OCCUPY WALL (WHATEVER). It would be a great Friday night pizza party. Just tune your smart phone, iTouch, or (wow) desktop computer to WWOZ You will not be disappointed & your OCCUPATION plans may hit a groove unknown until you put it into action.

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