Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FitzWalkerstan Recall

Here what needs to happen in order to get rid of the odious Walker & his heartless policies. Shareholder value should never trump the people's needs. I'm not just talking about the poor, I'm talking about the highway worker, the nurse, the physician, the logger, the farmer, the waitress/waiter, the barista, the guy who whistles on the street corner for nickels & dimes.
The petitions will begin being gathered November 15.

But first, Tate sent out a message to supporters with a fundraising request: "In fewer than 37 days, we will need to organize, train and fund an army of grassroots volunteers who will need to collect more than 540,206 valid recall signatures. Before I go on the air, can I count on you to make a donation of $11.15 towards our goal of raising $540,206 by Nov. 15th?"

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