Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sports Beat - Collegiate Stomping Division

The Badgers put a beat down, 59-10, on the University of South Dakota.  I watched most of the game & what struck me was the unWisco quarterback I saw playing in a Badgers' uniform.  This guy passes very well & he passes a lot.  If he can't find a receiver, he runs, & runs well.  & young Mr. Toon is keeping the family name a great one in Wisco football history.

Numbers UPDATE:
University of South Dakota - founded in 1862, 9,291 students.

University of Wisco-Madison - founded in 1848, 42,030 students.

I believe, however, that South Dakota has more pheasants than Wisco, as well as more rock-headed presidents, bad Badlands, Mountain Goats, Bison, Mule Deer, & this state is the only state without, yes, without a state-funded scholarship program. I'd make a snide comment, but I'll leave that to smarter people, like my loyal five (yes, 5!) readers.

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