Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Values From ReThug Bobby Jindal?

I think not. I'm sure there was a lot of high-fiving going on when Jindal did this.
Gov. Bobby Jindal has rejected tax breaks for employers who hire convicted felons, for low income housing projects and for employers who let their parents take paid leave to participate in their children's school activities.
Jindal, a ReThug rising star, did approve tax breaks for -
... ports, moviemakers**, sportsmen, gun owners...-- tax breaks that will grow to $30 million in lost state revenue a year later.
You've got to take care of the yahoos who elected you, I suppose. It's a sickness with these morans. My emphases.

**In terms of Louisiana movie makers, see this from today's Picayune. If he would only have had the tax breaks last year he would be doing really well according to the screw the working class attitude of the right-wingers.

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