Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reason #5094489

On why capitalism destroys regular people. & in this world of St. Ronnie of Alzheimer's it is only the corporation that matters. Bah.
At least someone knows how to fill a piggy bank.

Unlike most American consumers, whose failure to save has exasperated economists for years, the typical American corporation has increased its savings so sharply that it probably has enough cash on hand to completely pay off its debts.

Notice how the author of this piece, Dianna B. Henriques, uses economists to blame working people for their inability to save, as if they could save anyway. You know us, just a bunch of wild consumers who aren't thinking about the future. Yeah right, everybody in a family works, sometimes more than one job, just to keep from losing it completely. It just pisses me off. Maybe if education were truly free, if health care was truly free, if people weren't worried about being spied on by their own government, if people could confidently drive over bridges, if, if, if,..., you're smart enough to get the drift. Oh, & Henriques sounds pretty French to me.

UPDATE: Why couldn't these corporations put their piggy banks to good use by actually providing for the workers that generated those profits. Here are a few stats.
...one third of lower middle class workers lack health insurance, while 44 percent of the working poor won’t have the minimum income needed to retire at age 67.
The subjective worries detected in the survey are not just free-floating anxiety; they reflect real problems of a fraying social contract.

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