Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jesus Christ In A Sex Swing

Via Atrios, we get this awful scenario. These ReThug think tanks just have learned nothing from our sordid past. I suppose however, that they think the Cherokee Trail of Tears, the Choctaw Trail of Tears, were really the indigenous people crying & dying in thankfulness to the great white father. Let's not forget the Shawnees, Ottowas, Potawatomis, Sauks, & Foxes.

O’Hanlon offered a slightly different take on how a HDS should be formed when attempting to pre-empt further ethnic conflict looming on the horizon by actively partaking in what O’Hanlon called "soft partition." This process would consist of U.S.-sponsored ethnic segregation via relocation within a period of 12–18 months. O’Hanlon admits bloodshed would continue and resistance would be substantial. However, with support of local leaders violence might diminish and hard partitioning could be avoided. Much of the justification for this plan is based on observations that violence between and within Iraqi communities based on ethnicity and sectarian divisions is already widespread, and this could easily spiral into full-fledged ethnic cleansing. Yet, one crucial criticism of this approach rang clear: No U.S.-led mass relocation of peoples has ever taken place without great costs and suffering by those being relocated.

Ya think? Emphasis added.

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