Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Freeway Jihadist Training Camp*

I stole the title from this post over at the 110% Hetero's site. You should go read. It's pretty instructive as to the enemy within, plus it's humorous. Oh, & there are pictures for those of my four loyal readers who can't read. Here's a taste:

Saturday evening I went into deep non-official cover (NOC) on a mission bearing VP designation Treated As: Top Secret/SCI. The last 20 hours have taken me into the deepest bowels of enemy territory where I have investigated the materials and methods used in their liberal jihad against our American way of security.

At 20:15 I rendezvoused beneath a highway--in a seedy Seattle neighborhood known for its radical liberal madrassas--with that Frenchman of the Freeways who goes by codename FreewayBlogger .

We then preceded into a cave-like room where he broadcast an hour of far-left extremist propaganda, flaunting the authorities, and spreading the terror of unchecked free expression. At 22:30 we retired to a radical safe-house where we spent most of the night ingesting meals ready to drink (MRD) while discussing the forthcoming day of training camp.

At 08:00 today, the freeway franco-freethinker began his insurgency training. The first lesson was on the art of salvaging the raw materials for these improvised expression devices (IEDs). An hour later he returned with a vehicle-load of cellulose-based substrate and other supplies:

Go look at the pic yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why stem cell research funded by government is a threat to human life and stem cell research by private companies isn't? Could it have something to do with whose investment dollars are involved? Just wondering.