Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Of Course

Tonight Bu$hCo will announce, once again, that he is going to do something right. &, of course, it will be wrong. Anyone with at least one functioning set of synapses knows that this troop escalation will do nothing to stop this failed war of choice. This is tactics, not strategy. Bu$hCo is only trying desperately to save his crappy Yale legacy. Mike Lupica today:
This isn't some politician talking, one like Cheney, who set world records for draft deferments during Vietnam and now wants to fight the whole world. This isn't some war-loving television or radio yahoo who has never served a day of active duty in his life. This is an American soldier who believed the men who sent him there but no longer believes enough in those same people to let them send him back.
Finally, he is expected to talk about sending more over there, sending more young Americans to get their asses shot off as a way of covering his own.
You go sportswriters.

& Dan Froomkin also is in the tactics not strategy camp.
As Washington journalists debate whether to call President Bush's plan to send 20,000 more American troops into Iraq a "surge" or an "escalation," they are letting the White House get away with a much more momentous semantic scam.

The White House would have you believe that Bush tonight will be announcing a new strategy. But from all indications, all Bush will be talking about -- yet again -- is changing tactics.
They don't want American soldiers held hostage to sectarian violence and the Iraqis' inability to form themselves into a peaceful, Western-style democracy. They want the troops to start coming home. Their preferred strategy is to make it clear to the Iraqis that they'll soon be on their own -- and that they have to solve their problems themselves.
1) It's not just, as The Washington Post points out today, that Bush is breaking with his generals; it's that he seems to me to be channeling Vice President Cheney. Unwilling to change course, Bush has apparently adopted Cheney's overheated arguments that failure would set off a domino effect of geo-political disasters.2) The White House simply cannot answer the seminal question: Why should we think things will be different this time?
He's right, of course. Bu$hCo will keep killing people, both Iraqis & Americans, not to mention other coalition of the coerced. & he will keep doing it because he's a big, fucking baby. Someone who wants to get his way no matter what. This isn't courage or resolve, it's monumental stupidity. My granddaughters, the cutest babies in the history of the world, will be paying for this mistake long after I'm adding ash nutrients to some tag alders on the banks of the White River.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to file the appropriate EPA forms BEFORE taking the "fish food" plunge.

Craig Lowery said...

Howdy stranger. Just thought I'd give you a quick update. I will now happily agree to hang all of these neocon Republican bastids (and donate the rope for the job!) on the condition that you will agree we need to hang these "Democratic" fakirs too, now that they are proving themselves to be only interested in getting into the drivers seat, and not in turning this nation away from the NWO agenda. Same agenda... they just use different code words to appeal to a different party of suckers.

coldH2O said...

Are you nuts? The Dems are, at present, the only way back from the fascism of Bu$hCo. I doubt very much that I would ever completely abandon the party that has given this country so much - ah, hell, I'm not going to list them, you know them, you just won't acknowledge them.

Craig Lowery said...

Don't let your party leadership shrink wrap your brain. They're NWO all the way. Here's a good audio track to clarify what I mean.