Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It Is An Insult


But my question is: Where's the outrage?

If the vox populi and the cognoscenti agree that throwing more American bodies at the problem will only result in more American deaths, then how is the apparent Bush plan anything short of a betrayal of the troops and an expression of contempt for the will of the people?

And is there any more plausible explanation for Bush's behavior than that he is willing to sacrifice more troops so he won't have to admit -- at least not yet -- that he made a mistake? Is that a good enough reason to ask even one more soldier to die?

Emphasis added.


Anonymous said...

Bush will NEVER admit he made a mistake. Never.

The man is mad.


Shutterwi said...

He'll get his troops or if the Dems block it he will immediately blame them for losing Iraq. If he does get the troops he'll send them and extend the war until 2008 and hand the problem to the new president. He will then balme the new president for the withdrawal and the loss.

This is the "way forward plan".

CALL your reps TODAY and demand withdrawal now.

By the way Dave Obey WI nominated Nancy Pelosi for the minority leader seat in 2002. He must have some influence on her.