Tuesday, August 30, 2011


These loser ReThugs who are wailing & clutching their pearls over the decision of the Marathon Country Labor Council in Wisco not to allow Sean "I Can't Control My Own Finance, But I'll Do Yours" Duffy or other ReThugs from participating in their annual Labor Day parade are hypocrites beyond the pale.  They howl & bay at the moon of private enterprise, the kind that tells certain people that they can't take part, like, oh let's see, country clubs, church groups, etc., yet, when a Labor Council decides to do the same thing, the moron right has conniptions.  ReThuglicans everywhere & certainly here in Wisco have done everything in their power to destroy the union movement.  Why then, should a Labor Council allow a ReThug to parade with them, when it is clear that Sean Duffy stands with them one day a year, the day of a parade where he can smile that MTV smile, while behind that smile is as backward a thinker as a person can find.  Good for the workers in Marathon Co. & Wausau.

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nonheroicvet said...

Well, ol Sean could probably be Grand Marshal of the Grover Norquist Parade. Does anyone know what day it is this year?