Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Continuing The Ill Winds

New Orleans continues to suffer. This time it's a federal program named NOAH. Yeah, I thought the acronym was in bad taste as well. Looks like C-Ray & the feds got caught, again. I like how the mayor condescends by calling the blogger, Ms. Gadbois, an amateur investigator. Well, C-Ray, that amateur may well have done you & the feds in, this time. This is what happens when there was no real plan to rebuild NOLA after Katrina.


Anonymous said...

On the brighter side - I am rapidly becoming a fan of womens volleyball. Right here at the Iowa State Fair.

Anonymous said...

Saw some interesting machinery at the Iowa State Fair today. When I went to write down the telephone number for more information, I discovered it was the price.

No sign of the Jesus gangsters yet, they must be lying low.

Plan to visit the John Birch Society booth on friday. Should be more fun than a George Bush history lesson.