Thursday, February 14, 2008

Up Is Down

This is why I hate capitalism. How in the hell can the fact that one hundred (100) families will lose their livelihoods & the goddamned company's stock price goes up? I hate capitalism & capitalists for that matter, evil bastards.
...The New York Times will bow to growing financial strain and eliminate about 100 newsroom jobs this year, the executive editor said Thursday.
Shares in The New York Times Company rose almost 5 percent Thursday after the newsroom staff reductions were reported, closing at $18.84, up 86 cents.

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Anonymous said...

Capitalism rewards the wealthy for causing harm to those who labor for them. It would just be nice if we could return the favor and put the wealthy out of a job and on the street. I really would love to see those speculators who rewarded them for this action to lose everything. They don't care about those 100 people, nor show compassion so I don't feel I have to show them any.

And for those who say, why do people hate capitalism? I ask them, Why do you hate people who actually labor for a living? You obviously reward people who already have wealth with more wealth for causing harm to someone's family.

That is why I hate our crony capitalist system. And the last reason just as important is capitalism and liberty can't exist together. Capitalism, or trade, always leads to plutocracy and aristocracy. Capitalism has no respect for liberty because liberty can only exist in an egalitarian society. It's based on treating one another as equals. It's based on the golden rule.

And I don't know anyone who wants to be treated as an inferior person or economically impoverished by someone else.

The only people who love capitalism are those who benefit from it.

There is another nasty aspect of capitalism. It tends to promote social darwinism. I have noticed a resurgence in eugenics talk and most of it comes from the capitalist side. If you don't serve big business or be a success as a business owner then you deserve to be removed from the human species. I don't remember liberty in anyway having a attachment to being a labor slave or a business owner beyond that you can if you want too. Either way, social darwinism is becoming more popular, especially in economic talk. This is simply the first steps towards fascism. It is this aspect that a certain segment of society believes and actively promotes the removal of others they disapprove of. America simply does this through crony capitalism.

Don't get me wrong. I actually love trade, small business and liberty. I hate big government and big business though. I believe with all my essence they are the greatest threat to individual liberty we face. They divide us and set us against one another for their profit.

Until enough people are truly harmed this won't change. I can't wait for the upcoming generation of capitalists who believe they are above the law. They are going to become far more overty with their hostility to the rest of society. It is their freedom and their freedom alone that matters, everyone else is worthless scrap to them.