Thursday, November 29, 2007

Man Crush Time

A quote from Anthony Bourdain. Mr. Bourdain, whose Travel Channel teevee show, No Reservations, is great to watch.
The whole thing is about the restaurant and hospitality industry in New Orleans. What happened, how it is now, is it recovering. Man, I tell you, every single person we talked to for the show, every single person, at some point started crying on camera. Anyone who is telling you that New Orleans is back and that New Orleans is better and everything is fine is lying. That town was abominably fucked over. It's like everybody had a simultaneous nervous breakdown, and the sense of betrayal, everything you believe was proven to be utterly false.
Via Norwegianity. You know, we've had many people comment on New Orleans, like Peter King.
What I saw was a national disgrace. An inexcusable, irresponsible, borderline criminal national disgrace. I am ashamed of this country for the inaction I saw everywhere.
If you can't believe a cook & a sport's writer, who are you going to believe?

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