Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We Got Fooled Again

I'd take a pic & post it of the absolutely crappy weather that's going on outside right now, but what's the point? It's snowing heavy, wet snow & it's blowing off the lake, that would be Lake Superior for those of you who don't understand what is said when we say "the lake." I spent my early a.m. chainsawing a pile of slabs into furnace sized pieces. Yeah, yeah, life in the woods is just fucking great. So my mood is low & I even took my meds. To perk my self up I made dinner plans with a young friend & her boyfriend, Mrs. coldH2O, & any hangers on that I can find between now & 5:30 p.m. CDT. That helped a bit. Then I decided to stream WWOZ & that is helping a lot. A somewhat contrary DJ is playing Derek and the Dominos & The Allman Brothers Band. Like I said, a lot. The snow continues to fall, however, so I must reach for something new, something seven or so months old, something grand-daughter like, so here it is, The Twins, just hanging around in the woods, a woods without snow.

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Scott said...

<Dark Humor>Isn't it illegal to bait bears in Wisconsin too?</Dark Humor>

I'm still trying to see whether I like the new layout. I liked the old one, but it caught my eye the first time around because it looked so familiar... You have changed the font colors a bit in the new version, as I noticed it was a bit easier on the eyes when I checked in yesterday. Didn't notice anything different today. Of course, with pictures of cute twins you get a lot of leeway on the web page format.