Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You Point A Finger At Maliki

& there are three more pointing back at you. You know, we invade his country, destroy his country's infrastructure, disband his army, kill his citizens, & it's all the elected prime minister's fault that things are so fucked up. Bu$hCo can't take responsibility for anything. The fault always lies elsewhere. But I see that he has passed that on to his daughters. The whole family is an embarrassment to America.


Anonymous said...

read somewhere that the fat one gives excellent BJs.

Anonymous said...

Sad. The whole situation in Iraq is such a clusterfuck, and now they're blaming Iraq's leadership? They never had a chance.


Anonymous said...

To give some idea of the state of reality in the world, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church-Pope Ratzo I lectured Moslems on the need for tolerance. Even George Bush couldn't match that one.